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Paintings of our Valley

Taw Valley Evening

Taw Valley Evening

Jonny just gets the feel of the landscape around here, wonderful undulating hills, ever changing hues of green and the autumn colours can take your breath away. I keep telling him to paint small domestic paintings (hoping they will sell) but he can’t help himself and needs to do BIG as the vista’s are BIG and sweeping, from one side of ones vision to the other.

View up to Burrington church from Winswood Valley

View up to Burrington church from Winswood Valley

View across to Exmoor

View across to Exmoor


View to Chulmleigh from the East

IMG_0531 20080312-CRW_3558

Higher Hacknell Farm

Some treasures found on recent trip to Bristol


It is soooo much fun shopping for retro bits and bobs, I just love Melmex melamine,  I remember camping as a wee girl using this stuff, just holding it brings back warm glowing feelings and a BIG smile. Cant wait to get into their little cosy homes in the valley.

More treasures to come…

Choosing colour schemes can indeed be fun yet challenging business !!


Cassie Casselette Carlight is probably going to be yellow, her doors and drawers with a yellow/green/white curtain? Although I have a groovy cotton bottom sheet that may just do the trick as it’s very 70’s, oh decisions decisions…..



Making things in Winswood Valley Studio


Wonderful way to spend a Sunday with friends making. Lots of printing of Christmas paper and tags. Used lovely old blocks we picked up in Rajasthan earlier this year. Mono printing with leaves and grasses. Tried roller printing for the first time to quicken up the process with stick on foam, might need more practice. Communal lunch enjoyed with mouth watering Organic Salt Beef brought by Tim. and Jo at Higher Hacknell Farm, yum yum. Jo is amazingly creative with all the delicious food she creates, we hope to supply her ready meals for our happy camping holiday makers and have bbq meat boxes to order. Check out their web site, it’s really easy to order on line, their animals live all around us here in Winswood Valley and are so beautiful, calm animals who live in their natural environment. P1010078 P1010072 P1010067 P1010065Rolling away


Cider making


Hard work with so many apples this year, what a difference a year makes. It’s such fun with friends, who this year did all the work, i find my new hip a bit achey when it’s chilly and standing too long, getting there though.

Must say a lack of male off spring was noticed!! Well done girls. Jonny spent next day pasteurising lots of bottles of delicious apple juice hopefully there will be some left for our happy glampers next year. More news on the caravans soon…….







All four beauties tucked up in the barn down on the farm


So, here is Ruby (Safari 1979) , Rory (Royale 1969), Isla (Stirling ?1981) and Cassie (Casseletta Carlight 1979) all snuggley in the barn. They are awaiting a lick of paint and glamping up for the launch of Devon Valley Glamping. More crochet, cushions and bunting to be made.