Many changes in the valley with more to come!!


after many days falling into months Jonny and I decided “we must downsize”. So our beloved house was sold and we have moved into our tiny 2 bed cottage. Of course with 4 grown up children and their spouses returning for high days and holidays we had to extend. Squeezed into our cottage we began what is nearly a years worth of building strife and angst.

The barn connected to our cottage will be our new sitting room with the kitchen moving into the old studio. But what to do with the studio and its contents? “Build a barn in the woods” of course, a workshop and new home for the solar panels. Oh words are so easy and imagined plans flow with technicolor satisfaction. The reality of trying to implement them brought us the reality of our own limitations. Age does really not come alone, new hips, slipped disks, hernias all attempt to sabotage ours plans.

but the fruitition of those plans are nearly a reality and we hope by Christmas to be christening our new wood burner.

next summer we hope to have Ruby in the orchard, Rory in the wood and hopefully our 22 foot yurt in the meadow. Watch this space!!

About Fiona Gordon

I am a mother and now a proud grandmother of two beautiful boys. I am married to Jon Lincoln-Gordon a wonderful landscape artist and teacher. I have worked as a mental health nurse for many years and understand the importance of nature and creativity to our mental health. I love living in our tranquil valley in Devon, I have a small flock of Jacob sheep and use their fleece to spin, dye, weave, knit and crochet. I grow a lot of my own dye stuffs and am never more happy than boiling up flowers heads and dying my own wool, well maybe when I have finished a project having created it from scratch. We decided to share our little bit of heaven by doing some Glamping, we have three old caravans we have restored so people can come and stay and top up on some peace and calm.

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