Monthly Archives: April 2018

Cauldrons of wool


dizzy enjoying her new bed

I grew many flowers in the valley for our sons wedding, collected lots to dye my Jacob fleece, mixed with onion skins and a sneakily bought Cochineal, alum mordant. Art yarn spun on my Ashford county 2 (still getting used to it), woven on my Brinkley Loom. Fabric needs finishing and will then be made into cushions for a lovely lady who commissioned them.

Just one Lamb


well we thought we’d give the girls a rest this year. Although we do eat our own stock the primary reason we keep a few sheep is for their lovely fleeces oh and as lawn mowers otherwise the valley would return to scrub land. One of the boys last year matured rather early we think, this wee one is so cute, a little girl, always a relief.

Lovely sunny Sunday in the valley, really feels like springs arrived


looks like my chain plying is improving. This yarn is made by me from our own small flock of Jacob sheep. It was mordanted with alum then dyed with dyers chamomile, onion skins and three exhausts of cochineal. It amazes me how strong cochineal is, so few wee dried beasties. I then spun on my Ashford and chain plyed. Think I will crochet some new cushions for Liy and Ruby our retro caravans which we are spring cleaning ready for the season. They should be up on air b&b in May, watch this space.

2017 was an amazing year !!


2017 saw a full on year and we decided we would put Devon valley glamping in hibernation for a season.

What we have been up to:

We supported our eldest son and daughter in law to open a restaurant in Bristol, all hands to the deck.


ASADO- ready to open


Rowan helping build the bar


Jonny paints the sign in the barn in the valley


Me painting the chairs


wooden boxes in the bar


Jonny made all the table, old scaffold boards and a local farmer welded the legs, looking good

We are pleased to say Asado is going really well, it is inspired by both Lucien and Jackie, his wife’s pasts. Lucien grew up here in the valley with organic farming around him which seems to have seeped into his psyche. Jackie is from Columbia and Asado cooking is very popular, cooking over wood fire and the result is an infusion of both. The meat used is from higherhackell farm which a couple of valleys away from ours. So if you are planning a trip to Bristol check them out.


Getting ready for the season


It’s all go in the valley, new shower room using recycled wood and anything else we can find. Ruby and Rory about to have a spring clean, hope to be ready for bookings mid May.

Meanwhile Jonny has been painting, having spent time in Cornwall at our cottage Mellow Cottage in Perranporth. These paintings are all large! and all for sale. Jonnys paintings