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Getting ready for Tour de Fleece or spindledon as Wimbledon starts tomorrow


Carding some of my Jacob fleece in graded rollags. I plan to spin everyday during July joining all the spinners round the world who spin as much as possible during the Tour de France/Fleece. I hope to have enough to make Jonny a winter jumper.

Here’s some of my Rollags, wheel and Jacob sheep with two surprise lambs in the background.


Lovely day


Fantastic Pottery exhibition in Barnstaple. So lovely to see the varied creativity, wonder what the name is for a collection of potters? anyone?

Happy with our purchases from a dear old friend who happens to be an amazing potter.

He’s called John West and can be found at Landsdown Pottery in Stroud along with his lovely wife Penny. Here is our new vase/jug and mugs, arn’t they just wonderful.

Thank you to whoever organised this wonderful event, more art and craft needed in North Devon please.

Landsdown pottery

Hooray Ruby is ready


Ruby, our Safari 1972 caravan is gleaming having had a spring clean and repaint. She is still sitting in the Orchard and looking like a wee haven of tranquility with all the apple blossom around.  She awaits her visitors and Jon has made our Air b&b live for booking.

Ruby is ready for you7e333d28_original

He has also made an amazing new eco shower and compost loo in the upper barn. The shower is heated by solar thermal energy and don’t worry he has cleverly put a back up electric emersion heater so hot water should be there all the time. The compost loo is a clever Swedish  design, also powered by our solar energy. There is a mains fridge and freezer also available for your use.

We are still working on Lily, our Carlight Casalette 1978 and she is going to be the meadow by the river. She should be on line for booking soon.

Come and relax and unwind away from technology in our valley. Listen to the woodpeckers and owls and watch our Jacobs sheep across the meadows

Jon continues to run drawing and painting lessons if you fancy and I can help you with any knitting or crochet problems. I also teach beginners spinning.




Getting ready for the season


It’s all go in the valley, new shower room using recycled wood and anything else we can find. Ruby and Rory about to have a spring clean, hope to be ready for bookings mid May.

Meanwhile Jonny has been painting, having spent time in Cornwall at our cottage Mellow Cottage in Perranporth. These paintings are all large! and all for sale. Jonnys paintings

Kids Art and Pom Pom workshops


A wonderful weekend, WOMAD 2014 was a truly memorable experience, full of sunshine, smiles and good will. The theme was Save the World, so Arttree recycled an old trampoline and Jon painted the planet on each side to create the globe, the kids made colourful flags with images of their favourite animals. Jenni and Co. made a beautiful representation of a Green Warrior. We did get our pompoms in, by the kids wearing them on the procession and a few strategically placed on the globe. All in all a great success, hip hip hooray.

All set up ready for workshops

All set up ready for workshops