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Autumn has arrived 2


I have always loved the colours of autumn, the warmth, the golden colours emerging from the greens of summer, treasure.
I have been carding my naturally dyed wool with commercial fleece i.e. bought from Bristol wool fair, along with re-cycled sari yarn, silk, alpaca, jute, linen etc etc. All together they make a pallet of autumn or so i felt.




Hand woven with hand spun and dyed wool mixed with silks, alpaca etc


Some woven cushions inspired by walks in nearby woods when they were full of the most amazing foxgloves. I am just loving my Ashford knitters loom and free weaving.








Total hip replacement recovery


12 weeks post op. Feel I ‘should’ be completely better but still lacking stamina, very frustrating. Due to go back to work as a community mental health nurse but full of anxiety that I will just not function at the level required. visit to doctor, a locum GP who had had a THR back in July and only just back to work was lovely, I could have hugged her. She just understood and Said I was not fit to return to work and signed me off for another 4 weeks. I am due back on 27th December.
So, onward and upward, I am really trying to increase my exercise regime, I plan to do 2 walks a day. My walk consists of a half hour walk around a wood with a very steep 15 min climb a wee bit of flat then a descend. Also some Pilates to increase core strength. Jonny suggested I may have arthritis in other places than my old hip which makes sense. Must research about this. Perhaps should star swimming again…..so tricky in cold weather.
Also going to make most of time and repaint the kitchen in time for Christmas and finished all those woolly presents.